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[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] In the past, the clothes if there is a "Gogo", go on the road feel "superior." However, with the improvement of living standards, especially the popularity of online shopping, wearing "Nike", "Adidas" is no longer a rare thing. But you wear the "Nike" who are Really? Hefei Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently on network monitoring cracked a well-known brand trademark infringement cases and seized more than a thousand pieces of fake "Nike", "Adidas" brand to go with lega Retro jordans for sale l counsel said, these fake brand-name professionals need to distinguish come out. Also helping reporters shocking is that this shop selling fake credit rating and purchase records, all are out of the brush. IMPACT scene: more than a thousand pieces of "international brand" hiding houses "good house, a warehouse of ......" network monitoring branch of law enforcement officers can not help shaking his head. Pack River Area cell unit building, Bedroom room filled with sportswear, sports caps and other apparel. A closer loo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping k, these clothes are all "Nike", "Adidas" such international brands. This is a shop. Place the computer desk is in the network status page shows the sales of goods and information and buyers contacted instant messaging tools, the table also piled many express courier company alone. Since the sales offer no brand power of attorney, law enforcement officers will detain its sales of clothing on the spot. According to statistics, the number is as high as more than a thousand pieces of clothing, which is the Hefei Branch of Cheap air jordans for sale Industrial and Commercial Bureau network monitoring since its inception cracked single largest commodity trademark infringement cases. branding expert: These professionals need to distinguish counterfeit reporter picked up a "Adidas" and "clover" series of sportswear, we found either from work or trademark, logo, seem not find flaws, just and genuine exactly the same. Law enforcement officials told reporters that they specially invited "Adidas" legal adviser, to identify the authenticity of these costumes. Experts sai Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping d that consumers identify the authenticity of brand-name goods has three points: First, the extent of the production of fine goods look, if production is very rough, it usually counterfeit goods; the second is to look at anti-counterfeit labels to identify genuine and fake goods; third is to call the commodity The security phone. Network Supervisor Branch: online shopping Beware of "brush" out of the "Shoppes" Careful reporter also found a strange phenomenon, that is, this store's credit rating is high, turnover record cheap foamposites shop inside the lot. However, law enforcement officials told reporters that many of them are "brush out". law enforcement officials to remind consumers in the online shopping must carefully choose the shop, do not believe the shop's credit rating as well as transaction records, user evaluation indicators. In addition, the price is too low commodity not credible, "there is no free lunch, a sub-price goods, consumer online shopping should try to brand their official website or brand manufacturers online franchise sites late cheap jordan shoes for men r." Psychological Aspects buy fake brand-name Network monitoring bureau last week seized more than one hundred "world famous bag", this is more than a thousand pieces of "international brand." Looking at the situation around, consumers "know buying Fake" is not uncommon. This in the end is how the psychological cause trouble? Reporter interviewed a number of people, now to listen to their "buy false grounds." One reason: fake brand-name "affordable" still in sophomore Wei wearing a Nike T-shirt, feet is a pair of "A cheap jordans for sale didas" sport shoes. Faced with questions from reporters, he forthrightly himself wearing fake brand-name. "Our students already no money, I do not add this one more than 200 yuan, also looked a grade, others will not ask you anyway, is not really." Two reasons: fake designer vanity Jessica net purchases of people carrying bags LV newest one, she said the family there are several, "of course, is false." Jessica said, although these "fine imitation" of fake brand-name price should several hundred, but still cheap compared cheap jordans for sale mens to a lot of the genuine. Income is not high, but would like to meet the vanity, I believe this is also a lot of people spend a little money to buy a fake reason brands. Three reasons: to jump on the bandwagon like to trade on the exchange really famous several hundred thousand, half a month's wages enough to Liu, but Liu can not spend such a high sum of wasted spending on clothes. "I mainly buy fake brand-name fashion, inexpensive, wear do not feel bad, the most important thing is to want to change to change, you can a cheap jordans online lways put on the new." (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)release date: TBDAfter nearly a decade successfully occupy the sneaker world, the trend in recent seasons sector has also gradually invaded Dress Shoe industry, a lot more and got some of the Tide brand renowned handmade Dress Shoe brand cooperation, to make more diverse of the footwear line, and the same for the Japanese clothing brand nonnative and handmade boots REGAL brand is the "leader" among the examples. As early a Retro jordans for sale s last year, when, nonnative will cooperate with REGAL launched two different materials Longwing Brogue shoes, came to the spring quarter of 2012, decided to extend cooperation between the two series, according to the law of Shibuguosan of this nor as a further partner in Longwing, replaced by another popular shoes - boat shoes (Deck Shoe). Cooperation is still referred to with centuries of experience in footwear REGAL responsible for creating, uphold the concept of high quality suede REGAL quality cow leather made, also continued on the back to make participation in GORE-TEX material, make the shoes equipped with a waterproof breathable, white stitching traces contrast high contrast make sense to further improve the lot of the details, DASH online store is now accepting reservations, price: 3780RMB. & nbsp; Source: nonnative & nbsp; today's NBA game 5, the Du less Sunway less triple double, thunder home revenge heat; Adriano spurs 23+7 victory over the Mavericks welcome home 24 consecutive wins, Patton Harris distal angry Nuggets send the Pacers 3 defeats; harden 31+5 Kobe assists a milestone, the Rockets sent the Lakers three game losing streak, forest wolf full score of 7 double rout of the sun. The following is a list of players on the foot of the game today. 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