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[Chinese shoes network] a piece of paper "notice of termination of labor contracts," in front of the Nike factory in Taicang posted, shown above: staff labor contract termination date of March 31, 2009. Nike established the Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. in 1996, the nature of the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, Taicang plant is established at the time, with a total investment amounted to tens of millions of dollars, which is owned Nike in China only a wholly owned footwear production plant. However, this is Nike's direct investment in the production of highly individual case. Nike, the world pursue asset light strategy, which focused on the design development and brand management, ignoring the value chain, the lower end of the production chain. The strategic achievements of the Nike and Adidas, the two "no factories of the largest clothing manufacturers." Nike had set up factories in Taicang mind, is that the design proofing, while providing a template for the mainland factory OEM business, and now the plant's historical mission has apparently ended. accustomed to "asset light strategy" day of Nike, always wanted to get rid cheap jordan shoes for men of its burden in production processes. a year ago, Nike Taicang plant began to gradually reduce production. March 19, 2009, the company held a staff meeting, he announced that the board decided in August 2009 before the Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., liquidation, closing factories footwear production lines to transfer company Winterthur Group within Taiwan air cushion production line. Winterthur Group is Nike's second largest OEM partners. For the fate of the issue after the factory closed staff, Nike China spokesman Zhu nearly Qian said: Taicang factory workers currently in footwear production line, you can choose to Winterthur Group factory in Fujian to work, Winterthur Group will assist these mobilize workers. For Winterthur Group unwilling to work in factories workers, Nike and local government, Winterthur Group to maintain close communication, offering higher than the legal requirements of former employees compensation programs to help them make the transition. This time the action is not directed at Nike's own factory one. The continuing downturn in economic consumption, in order to meet Nike's global supply chain integration and reduce c cheap jordans for sale osts, Nike announced it would cease to three factories in China and one in Vietnam factory orders. Also located in Taicang, Jiangsu province, a Nike foundry business, said Nike recently been to the factory showed that six months after Nike to the factory no longer provide new business orders. Access to Information show that China now has 144 contract factories Nike foundry, Nike, the world's 185 factories in 57 focus located in China. Although Nike stressed that China will continue to be its largest production base, but continued to streamline the supply chain has among its plans. For many Chinese processing trade firms, they once again encounter a bottleneck foundry model. In the February 17 order to stop providing new business before, Nike announced it would invest nearly $ 100 million to establish its Asia's largest logistics center in Taicang in Jiangsu Province. This just shows the determination of Nike production transfers. Since the spending power of the Yangtze River Delta region ahead of the national average, the market has always been to rely on Nike. After Nike in the Yangtze River Delta to shift production to other regions, the new log Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping istics center, will continue its coverage of the East China market to play a role. For chasing low-cost, low-cost labor of Nike, the transfer of production is not new. Nike's history, is itself a global industrial transfer "benchmark." From the early days of 1964, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to China in the 1970s, and then to mainland China in the 1990s and into the 21st century, Indonesia, Vietnam increasingly become an important base of Nike production processes. Future transfer of its production to low-cost regions action will be more frequent. Since 2005, Winterthur Group, China took many orders to Vietnam, while large-scale expansion in Vietnam, four processing plant production line, but also to invest $ 16 million in Vietnam built a new factory. Then, Nike, the world's largest OEM factory Pou Chen Group production in Vietnam can also rapidly increasing. In the ensuing years, Winterthur and Pou have increased investment in Vietnam. It is undeniable that, Nike, Adidas in China are indeed facing pressure of rising costs, but they are struggling to show "The Chinese market is very important", "China still produce important position" position Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping . In the pivotal Chinese consumer market, because they do not want any "relocation" message weaken its brand influence in China. For many Chinese processing trade enterprises, despite Vietnam, India and other countries, it can completely replace China "manufacturing plant" status remains to be proven, but under increasingly severe external environment, They must accelerate the adjustment of its position and way of life. to the classic air jordans contour based, combined with the air jordan 4 logo of grid design full upper cover is presented on the top of the shoe body. In addition, shoes shoe body and the tongue part is also integrated into the 3M reflective elements, make this new hybrid shoes air jordans 4Lab1 overall shape is divided into ten exaggerated. There is no such match the color of the sale of information, the first preview of the latest models of shoes under the physical map. come home to participate in the official website of the forum dunk "levy to win NIKE ELITE basketball socks"! Every hour a pair of socks sent afraid to grab! More sports trend of consulting welcome WeChat micro-blog search: dunkhome, interactive and guessing beauty Retro jordans for sale Xiaobian oh ~~source: sneakerbardetroitJapanese brand nonnative recently released 2016 winter series. New series contains multiple basic styles and cascading outfit elements through always bring reflective snow coat, plaid coat and infinite scarves for metropolitan cold season of a single product. The military color, Denning, plaid flannel and other elements are intertwined, the overall style is very harmonious. A blue coat series absolute highlights demonstrated nonnative there are still many special skills for show. source: HYPEBEASTlaunched a camouflage style series of high-profile color incomparable, this time Jordan Brand is to launch a more low-key yet texture color, the body of the shoe to dark gray tone black collocation to show another style different from the high-profile camouflage of the wind, the color will be on sale in foreign regions in February 1st love friends please pay close attention to the subsequent sale of intelligence in Taiwan. source: J23?adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged from the end of June began in the global market, and last week I believe there should be a lot of operators have begun to experience it? Adidas days ago in the cheap jordans online United States of New York held a The Uncaged Experience exhibition, the event in order to meet the "Uncaged" breakthrough image, set the Escape Room experience is similar to escape from the game, as long as the test you can receive a special pair of UltraBOOST Uncaged, according to the report pointed out that this is the adidas for its the athletes with special edition in the year during the Rio Olympics, by Sneaker News of the box can see the main difference in the share on both sides with 3 Stripes brand logo printed on the thermal bonding technology, the metal material presents shoelace head, do not know the players will have a national team color? Then we may as well look at lo. site activities, in addition to running shoes, there are socks to provide customer service! source: Sneaker News / HypebeastPUMA recent inroads into the children's children music world, not only with the global top grossing Hollywood female hero film "Wonder Woman" jointly launched small Supergirl series of children's clothing, this season more announced a partnership with Illumination entertainment and Universal Pictures PUMA x Minions signed a series of children's c cheap jordans for sale mens lothing in July 1st officially on sale, whether shoes, clothing or decorate accessories, are playful and super adorable little banana pattern Legion soldiers big goggles, lovely appearance index soared, super suction eye. The soldier soldiers served as to angle "despicable me 3" will be released, PUMA also catch this wave of bad naughty little soldier boom, and invite the children to join PUMA super adorable little regiment, full of childlike joy of summer meet. Shoes section as shown below, from left to right, in order: Minions, Basket, Statement, L pricing 1980 yuan, Minions ST Runner V pricing 1780 yuan, PUMA Minions Basket V, priced 1980 yuan. In 2010 soldier soldiers "despicable me in the movie" first appeared, weird language and adorable appearance become popular all over the world and even has a cartoon star, starring in the cartoon, but also favored by many designer brands, have launched a joint goods. The PUMA x Minions series of children's products, the chief focus of small corps of Shi Douhua, Carle and Kevin for the overall design to add a lot of mischievous sense of joy, plus a large number of representative elements: injection of large cheap foamposites goggles and delicacy of banana, make this season PUMA little soldier's series of goods more suction eye. PUMA X Minions signed a series of children's clothing offers a wide variety of styles of products, including: Hooded Jacket, sports trousers, short sleeved T-shirt, tight Legging, each single product are printed with the PUMA x Minions series of joint exclusive logo and a variety of lovely patterns, let the kids either summer travel or new school bags clothing, can be focus. This season, PUMA small soldiers series of shoes to devil felt children's shoes based, so that children wear drag easier, to print the banana pattern of super sticky belt for the design focus, appearance suction eyes lovely. PUMA x Minions ST Runner and PUMA x Minions Basket shoes let little soldier pattern with uppers, draw PUMA signature shoes side machete, banana band for other sports shoes handsome appearance and add a lot of fun new topic. PUMA x Minions joint children's clothing series, in addition to clothing, shoes, but also synchronized after the introduction of backpacks, caps and other accessories, so that children in this summer vacation has a rich selection of Cheap air jordans for sale small soldiers exclusive style. PUMA x Minions joint children's clothing series will be officially listed on Taiwan in July 1st Nike previously in black suede collocation rubber sole design technique, launched a number of highly textured works, such as KD EXT and Nike 7 Lebron 11 Low are quite impressed Xiaobian example, this time will also play to the classic design training shoes Air Trainer 3 above, and in front of similar common color styles the is with visible Air Max air cushion rubber outsole, presentation and visual effect is not bad, but had to do for leisure training shoes Air Trainer 3 using a design similar to basketball shoes, shoes in the middle with Velcro strap design, foot and heel with a plastic material this time is fixed, and suede material staggered also has to look at, abroad has on the kithnyc website to sell. news source: eukicksTo celebrate the 2016 ? Air Max Day, Teng Yuan Hao and Nike Nike Air Max LD Zero published in H, the double to Boston Nike and other front-end technology combination made the novel style, received a lot of attention in the past few days. Among them, Nike, Air, Max, Zero, H, LD and Fragment version of Retro jordans for sale this joint style, take for granted, all shoes fans hot topic of discussion. With careful attention to the friends should be noted that the Air Max LD Zero on several forefront of color are very calm, like navy blue, black, grey, almost all million years unbeaten, and also H (Hiroshi Teng Yuan Hao) who often used furniture clothing shoes color ten fit. This time we want to introduce this Navy is the same color, but compared to the Air Max Day H version was offering more blue, clear blue, in the light of the yarn produced gradation, a little bit too like Prussian blue (Prussian blue) of the visual presentation, and common tone for the blue and white porcelain to use, easy to make people have a sense of detachment, the antiquities, and apply in the Nike Air Max LD Zero Swoosh and above, even with a solid color, make the product more refined light. held in France's Quai 54 street basketball tournament, is the size of a huge international street race, and in recent years as one of the sponsors of the Jordan Brand is often unique exclusive style design cooperation between the two sides, is relatively difficult with most probably it did not actually happen. This year in addition to the previously exposed Air Jordan 13 Low, Air Jordan XX9 will give the tongue Sheng Xiang, embroidered with activities to commemorate the 23 mark LOGO instead of the original, in terms of color is to take all black basketball shoes vamp collocation is rare in the rubber outsole, there is a different feeling. source: EU KICKS early in the Nike Kyrie 3 has not been officially published before the Internet had out of the Kyrie 3 spy photos, even when many users mistakenly think that this will be the first color, unlike the previous three pairs have been commercially available styles, the protagonist selection with light color as the base of one of the more special is located in the shoe body outside of the Swoosh Logo will show the visual effect in neon light refraction, the simple color combination is particularly eye-catching, it seems the brand logo presentation has a chance to become the 3 Kyrie for follow-up and focus on the details of the different color, the United States is expected to launch in February 1st, model: 852395-102, mark 120 dollars. source: Sneaker News / NikeIn May 2012, Nike joined hands with artist Tom Sachs to introduce NikeCraft Mars Yard sneakers. Inspired by Tom Sachs's communication with NASA scientists, the shoe is also a high performance sports equipment designed for his own SPACE PROGRAM 2.0:MARS show. 5 years later, the NikeCraft Mars Yard will return in 2 new and upgraded versions. This is an upgraded version of Tom Sachs on the first edition of the long-term test, the innovation in the material, the original design to solve some unknown problems. "it passed through the wear test; strength test; the folding test; through various tests, but when we really start to use the shoes, but less than we expected" Tom expectations Sachs explained: "you only really wear shoes to be aware of the problem...... We used new material and had expected it to be better. Although Vectran is lighter and stronger than ordinary polyester fabric, it is easy to create a sense of fatigue. led by the Nike designer, Tom Sachs spent another 5 years testing the shoes. He realized that the problem of shoes could be found only through everyday wear. So, finally the re modified NikeCraft Mars Yard 2, Tom Sachs and Nike also showed a common idea in the design: we believe that through continuous improvement of equipment designed to help promote the exploration of the human potential, is the world without end. more than 5 years of experience in the Tom Sachs Mars Yard NikeCraft was aware of the limitations, and with Nike designers dedicated to enhance the durability of shoes. Mars Yard 2 edition instead of using Vectran fabric, polyester warp knitted mesh fabric to replace (internal focus and produce less and more breathable,). The red shoes worn by X type suture more durable, protruding part of the sole is originally from adapt to the desert environment and make Nike special forces boots SFB, and this design after adjustment is more suitable in the urban environment. Finally, the Mars Yard 2 incorporates a double insole, net layer and cork layer (suitable for barefoot wear design). mesh insole (left) decorated with knot pattern. The pattern of cork insole is dominated by space elements. Mars Yard 2, this shoe is a result of constant adjustment and refinement, and this is also the practice of Tom Sachs in art creation. In fact, Tom Sachs never fails to shape the work. Adhering to the premise of this concept, Tom 〉